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Selling Process 


As a business owner, one of the most important decisions of your business career is the decision to sell your business.

Whatever your reasons in deciding to sell, you will  want to maximize the value that you receive from the sale, and in and, you will need to show a convincing value to the one who buys the business.  Position your business for maximum value by following these three steps:​​

  • Prepare yourself with an Opinion of Fair Market Value, before committing to asking price.

  • Prepare yourself, your business (appearance, equipment) and your financial records before going to market.

  • Select the proper Broker representative for the transaction.  Check our credentials, interview us. We want your trust, and we have the experience and credentials to back up our claims of success.


Procedures must be in place so that your business is not harmed by premature disclosure about the sale. You won't want employees to get "spooked" and start sending out resumes.  You won't want competitors to undermine you against your own client base. And you won't want your customers to doubt your commitment to them.  That is why confidentiality is so important. We are devoted to the successful completion of the sale, and will provide appropriate  non-disclosure forms, procedures and closed networks of other agents to ensure confidentiality.


It is usually necessary for you to have an estimate of value of your business. We can assist you in your pricing strategy.


In order to present your business to a prospective Buyer, a written Business Profile must be prepared to show the facts. The presentation package includes pertinent facts about your company while still keeping the information truthful and in proper perspective.  This is a prepared document that requires a close communication with the Seller.


There are many avenues available for the exposure of your business opportunity to prospective Buyers. However, there is no one method that fits all. The methods must be tailored to your specific business. The selection by your Broker may include some or all of the following:

  • Listing Exchanges

  • Direct mail

  • Trade journal advertising

  • Networking

  • Telemarketing

All these methods, in addition of course, to exposure to an existing, pre-screened, client base available to your selected broker representative. Of the above methods, none is more effective than the ability your Broker has to cooperate with other IBBA/CABB brokers in the sale of your business. 


CBGI will guide the prospective Buyer and their agents, if any, through the follow up in the preparation of the offer and the resulting negotiation to the written and firm Purchase and Sales Agreement (PSA). 


Once an Agreement has been signed, we schedule and help control the process from the Agreement to the time when you transfer possession and responsibility of the business and receive your full Consideration. During this critical time, deadlines must be met and conditions satisfied, along with the unexpected problems that are always possible.

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